Hello there,

Thanks so much for agreeing to be a guest challenger for the final WTFEB 2023.   This page is just for you and lets you know all you need to know about setting your challenge.

WTFEB began in 2020 and over the last three years has evolved to become a global thing that sees people from all around the world take part in the weird and wonderful daily challenges.  You can see the highlights from 2022 in the video on this page.

I’ve invited you to be a guest challenger as I think you will bring something magical to this weird annual tradition so your challenge can be anything you like.   Below are some general guidelines about the spirit of WTFEB that might help…

WTFEB challenges are…

  • Accesible to all.  Anyone can do it irrelevant of age, location and artistic/musical/physical/mental/financial capability
  • Something that streches beyond the norm and takes people helpfully out of their creative comfort zone.  Something that will enable people to discover they are better at this stuff than they thought they were.
  • Something that leaves the world a little more magical and wonky and intrigues and intices others who come across the work people create.

You can see a full list of previous challenges from the last three years here.   As you can see they are a mix of art, movement, music, poetry and all sorts of other weird and pointless stuff.

What I need from you

All I need from you is an idea.  Or a few ideas to pick from.  (I try to avoid ideas that are too similar to other challenges).

I will….

  • Write the copy for your challenge in the house style and send it to you for approval.
  • Create the artwork for your challenge (I like to keep my grid on-brand so it still appeals to WTFEB people and those not taking part)
  • Schedule your challenge for one of the days in February, let you know when this is and tag you and say lovely things about you on the day.

Ideally I’d like all challenges sorted by mid January (let’s say January 16th) but any earlier is great as it takes me aaaages to prepare for this and I will be living and working in the USA all of January this year.

You can send me your idea(s) for your challenge via Instagram DM or via stevexoh@gmail.com

Thank you soooooo much for agreeing to be a part of the final WTFEB and therefore part of creative history.

It means a lot.