Every February between 2020 and 2023 artist @stevexoh published a weird daily challenge on his Instagram page as an experiment to see if anyone would dare to do them. Over the next four years, hundreds of people from around the world took part in order to stretch their creative muscles and make the world a little bit more beautifully wonky.

This book is a compilation of over 100 of the WTFEB challenges set over the years. There are drawing ones, painting ones, writing ones, poetry ones, movement ones, strange social experiments and surreal and possibly pointless invitations to simply try stuff out in order to see what happens.

The only rule is that it is impossible to get it wrong.

“I look forward to WTFEB every year, thank goodness it is now in book form.”
Pippa Evans
Comedian, improviser, author

Sheer entertainment.  I don’t think you actually have to do the challenges to love this book.”
JP Flintoff
Author, journalist, speaker

This man is starting a movement. And whilst i don’t necessarily want to be part of it, I definitely want front row seats. One of the most original things you’ll read all year”

Amy Kean
Author, cult leader, playwright

Challenges that hold the door open to a constantly surprising and generous world, where everybody can roam about willy-nilly enjoying their own weird creative instincts.”
Michael Brunström
Surrealist comedian


• Paperback (198 x 130mm)

• 300gsm colour cover, 120gsm pages

• 115 pages (60 colour, 55 black/white)

• Contains 108 individual challenges on individual pages accompanied by the original WTFEB artwork

• ISBN 978-1-3999-5098-5

• £14.99 (UK) + postage


Here’s a load of additional resources for some of the challenges in the book.   There’s templates, guides, videos and other random links.

The resources are listed in alphabetical order to make it easier to find them.


Some of the artwork from the challenges is available as limited edition prints along with some WTFEB beer mats.  Links will take you to my shop.