What the February?! is a daily challenge set on Instagram during February to celebrate the wonkiest month of the year.  The majority of challenges are set by artist @stevexoh but with some special guest challenge setters scattered throughout the month.

Hundreds of people from around the world take part each year and produce thousands of weird and wonderful bits of work. Below you can find some of the work produced as well as a list of challenges from previous years. 

#WTFEB will return on the 1st February 2023

Follow @stevexoh on Instagram to take part.

#WTFEB 2022

Montage video and inks to all the challenges from What the February?! 2022

#WTFEB 2021

A video roundup and details of all the 28 challenges set for #WTFEB 2020.  Challenges are for life, not just February so have a browse and give them a go.