1 to 1 COaching, mentoring and supervision

I work with a wide range of people on a 1 to 1 basis to help explore curious questions, stuck patterns, ideas and experiments and what it means to be a more free, spontaneous and creative human being.

At a high-level all of this work simply explores the everyday tension between freedom and stuckness but typically falls into one of the following themes:

  • Nurturing creativity, sponteneity and experimentation in life/work/particular scenarios or projects.
  • Making transitions in life and work (in particular starting new ventures, projects or forms of work).
  • Bringing specific ideas or projects to life and imbuing them with one’s own unique creative expression.
  • Developing an artful approach to life and work.
  • Developing public speaking skills and ability to tell stories and engage audiences.
  • Interrupting stuck patterns that inhibit spontaneous, creative self expression.
  • Exploring and learning to dance with our inner critic.

How I approach this work

My approach to this work is underpinned by principles and philosophies of gestalt psychology, improvisation, coaching, artful inquiry, complexity and existential philosophy. Whilst we may set goals or objectives for our work, my role is to help us focus on our rich experience of the here-and-now in order to deepen awareness and recover choice.

As well as talking with each other I bring a lot of experimentation into the work which may involve movement, making, mindfulness and using our immediate environment as an invitation to practice “quantum flirting” in order to gain new insights. Occasionally I may suggest a larger scale experiment that takes place at a particular place at a particular time.

The form of the work

The form of the work varies dependent on what you would like to work on and may take the form of:

  • Coaching
  • Supervision
  • Mentoring

Structure and pricing
I spent many years resisting fixed pricing, preferring to work on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis but the overwhelming feedback was that people would prefer me to name a price.  So, below is a pricing structure  based on what people have typically paid that still allows flexibility.

Individually funded:  Pay what you can afford  in price range of £125-£225 per session (+ VAT if applicable)

Company/corporate funded: £250 per session + VAT 

It is important to me that this work is accessible for all so if you are unable to afford the prices above due to your personal financial situation then please get in touch and we can discuss alternative options.

You can have as many or as few sessions as you like and can decide this as we progress.  Alternatively you can chose up front to schedule a series of sessions.

Sessions may last anywhere between 60-120 minutes depending on what we are working on and we will negotiate this between us.

 If you’d like to explore any of the above then e mail at sc@canscorpionssmoke.com and we can set up a free exploratory conversation.

A bit of background about me

I have developed my own process for working 1:1 with individuals over the last 25 years combining traditional coaching methods along with ideas and practices from gestalt psychology, improvisation, embodied practices, movement, mask work and art therapy (BAAT).   I hold a certificate and diploma in coaching from Newcastle University, have completed various trainings in gestalt psychology (London Gestalt Centre, Metanoia Institute, Ashridge Business School), completed an Art Therapy Foundation programme (BAAT) and hold a Masters in Organisational Change and Consulting (Ashridge).

I am visiting faculty on the Ashridge Masters in Executive Coaching (AMEC) and have previously held roles as visiting faculty on other Ashridge MSc programmes as well as at The Metanoia Institute and Roffey Park.

I have been working 1:1 with individuals and groups for over 25 years.   You can read more about me and my background here.