Why do I write?

I write because arithmetic isn’t my thing.
I write because there is not enough room in my head for my imagination.
I write because I believe curious questions should not be held captive, no matter how unusual they may be. Adventures unfurl when raw, unpolished thoughts are shared with others.

I write because letting go with the pen is artful practice.
I write because my words have the potential to move, challenge and inspire others, as nobody else sees the world like I do. Or like you do. To write in this way is to commit one’s own untethered uniqueness to the page.

I write because my creativity needs a playground to explore and learn about itself. To make friends. And foes. Playmates and bullies.
I write because jotting down half-formed, wonky thoughts liberates them. To keep them locked up until they “make sense” is like battery farming the imagination.

I write because I find the world confusing and inspiring in equal measures.
I write because obviousness deserves it. Because stuff needs expressing.
I write because exploring the human condition is what I believe life is all about.

I write because I have no answers, only questions.
And I write because the process of doing so helps me more deeply understand myself. Warts and all.

I write because yielding to that which is calling to be expressed is showing compassion for the soul.

I write because, why not?

And quite frankly, I find it therapeutic

Happy 7th birthday blog. x

The Can Scorpions Smoke blog was born on the 1st January 2012.