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100 CRAP FACES is a creative workout.  An experiment in imperfection and paradox designed for people who tell themselves they cannot draw.  Or people who are trapped in one style of drawing and want to develop more variety in their work.  Or people who are bored with mindful colouring books but still want to do something pointlessly creative.

The challenge is simple

  • Can you draw 100 CRAP FACES by the end of the book?
  • Or will you discover you keep accidentally drawing good ones?
  • It might be more difficult that you imagine.

Full instructions included.  Bring your own pen/pencil.

Note: If you’d like TO ORDER A COPY from somewhere other than Amazon then Steve can despatch one directly to you in a slightly more convoluted way.  E-mail him for more details.

Ways in which people have used the 100 CRAP FACES book

  • Try to complete the challenge in one marathon sitting.
  • A daily practice of trying to create one crap face.
  • A “guest book” – invite visitors to contribute a crap face.
  • A group activity – draw a crap face and pass the book on to the next person who marks the previous face and then draws their own.


Some attempts at CRAP faces that book owners have sent in.  Would you mark these as CRAP or NOT CRAP?  Submit yours here.

Thanks to the following for submitting their faces:  John Jordan, Anne Augustine, Ann Paul, Maya Chapman, Kathryn Chapman, Toby Seller, James Seller, Simon Heath, Hayley Harbach, Jenny Rowe, Billie A Smith, Angela Blacklaw, Jonathan Wilcock, Bina Briggs, Amy Burvall, James Wilson, Adam Newman, Gary Lewis, Kirsty Rowley, Joyce Matthews, Bruce Asbestos, Jonny Johnson, Matt Bassett, Robert Poynton