This is an experiment inspired by the Sound of Silence podcast.

It is a silent online gathering to explore the human experience of silence, of communal bearing witness and not knowing in a time where we may be experiencing uncertainty and a lack of meaningful human connection. Other than that who knows what will happen.

There is a light structuring of the experiment as follows. (all timings BST)

14:00 Silent arrival. People arrive into the virtual space.

14:05 Paired silence #1. Attendees will be put into random pairs or threes for two minutes of silence together.

Paired silence #2. Attendees will be put into another random pair or three for two minutes of silence together.

Paired silence #3. Attendees will be put into a final random pair or three for two minutes of silence together.

Group silence. All attendees will spend two minutes of silence together.

14:15 Experiment ends silently

This session will be totally silent with no reflection or sense making at the end. A separate reflection session will take place 2 days after the experiment to allow those who want to to marinate in the experience a little longer before reflecting on it together.

Participation is FREE but you will need to register in order to take part.

Tuesday 14th April 2020
14:00-14:30 BST

Thursday 16th April 2020
14:00-15:00 BST

Some important notes to read before taking part

  • You will be automatically sent the Zoom meeting link and password when purchasing your ticket.
  • Everyone attending is requested to be unmuted but silent throughout. (unmuted so we can hear your silence)
  • It is preferable that you have your camera activated so that participants can see each other.
  • All instructions will be communicated by hand written signs. The host will not speak either.
  • Your pairing for the silences will be randomly assigned with somebody else taking part in the experiment. This is a global experiment and, depending on how many take part, you are likely to be paired with somebody you do not know.
  • There is intentionally no time for reflection or sense making of this experience at the end. This is to facilitate a deeper experience of not knowing and allow the experience to unfold and marinate for a little longer.
  • For those who want to reflect and make sense of it together, a separate virtual meeting will take place at 2pm BST on Thursday 16th April.
  • The experimental nature of this short experience means that I have no idea how you will respond in the moment to taking part. Silence can be a very powerful experience so please only take part if you are feeling resourced enough to do so at the time.
  • The experience will work better for you if you are able to install the desktop zoom client. You can download it here:
  • If you are unable to download the client you will still be able to take part but may not have the same functionality as others

Any other questions – drop me an e-mail at


This is a free experiment but if you would like to make a contribution to support my work then you can do so by becoming a patron here.