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Meet Pluggy – My Creative Anchor

It was through an act of technological desperation that I discovered the power of a creative anchor!  It was probably the tenth time that somebody had borrowed my iPhone charger without asking but this time my battery had died...

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Corporate gossip vs human interaction

I’ve written a couple of times before about Keith Johnstone, the theatre director who felt that the talented actors he worked with at the Royal Court didn’t look ‘real’ enough to believe.  Through his creative experiments Keith...

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A lesson from my creativity mentor

Those of you that have seen my conference talks will know that my 5 year old daughter is my creativity mentor. A long time ago I too had those wonderful child-like qualities of an unbridled imagination and a belief that it was...

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Be Obvious! Be Altered!

Be obvious – be altered! Since my two worlds of organisation consulting and improvisation started to overlap around 3 years ago I’ve drawn many lessons from the latter that have truly helped me in the former.   At the core of...

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