I’ve been in a number of bands over the years, ranging from the embarassing (Disrespect) to the amazing (Reverberation) to the downright weird (Actual Geoff Capes).

Currently I record music by myself in my studio under the name of a number of different aliases/characters. Below is a selection of some of them.


Spunky Cat were one of the top acts at the incredible Spongfest 2018 festival. All of their back catalogue has been deleted but I was delighted to find this video of the closing number of their legendary set at Spongfest.


Huevos is one half of the avant-garde/Spanish folk/electronica/experimental band Skanky Tapas. There is a collection of Huevos’ solo material on Soundcloud


Cornelius became a legend in the early 2000s as part of the critically acclaimed radio show “The Gentleman’s Club”. (He even has his own Wikipedia page!) Cornelius’s work is a mix of slightly unhinged jolly ditties, spoken word memoir readings and his acclaimed 21st Century Diaries.