FORTY-SEVEN DRAWINGS BY @STEVEXOH is a solo exhibition of my 21 x 21cm acrylic pen drawings that is being held at Changing Room Gallery in Soho, central London.

The exhibition features 47 original, framed drawings that I have made over the last couple of years.

You can download a virtual exhibition guide HERE.

 You can browse the exhibition using the 360 virtual viewer below.

Visitor comments

“Relatable and wacky and sweet and sad and all round fabulous!”

“Art which captures so well how weird and imperfect the world is

“Go have a look at Steve’s brain on the walls of Changing Room Gallery!  Well worth it”

“If, for some strange reason, coffee doesn’t lift your spirits up on these short days, then the works of @stevexoh will definately do the job.”

“Funny, philosophical, moving, strange.  It is amazing how much Steve can convey through a small square of paper.”