Alternative Book Club is a book club that meets to discuss, debate, review and appraise books that do not exist.

A different book is selected for each meeting that members must (not) read beforehand.

At the meeting members discuss characters, plot, narrative, meaning , their overall views and opinions of the book as well as sharing their favourite paragraphs.

The only rule of Alternative Book Club is YES, AND.

Anyone can join Alternative Book Club but numbers are limited.

If you are interested then please get in touch.


The Gigantic Kanky
by Derick Jumbley

“A humbling and heartfelt look at the black country”
“Martin Amis meets Coronation Street”
“Forced me to see the good in evil people”
“I don’t read a lot of fiction and this reminded me why”
“Worth reading…in little bites, otherwise you’ll vomit”

Listen to a summary of our discussion below.



The Windleshere Prophecy
by Lionel Font-Error

“Dyno-rod for the soul”
“At the intersection of The Davinci Code, Eat Pray Love and Chimpanze Politics”
“Reveals itself to you on every read”
“A mediation on fate, ethics, metaphysics and plumbing”
“Unravels the human experience at a quantum level”

Listen to a summary of our discussion below.