Thank you so much for agreeing to be one of the six guest challengers for #WTFEB 2022.  I’ve created this page so you have it as a reference for any questions you might have and to help you come up with your challenge.

Whilst I started work on #WTFEB 2022 in November 2022 it all really ramps up in January and involves me creating the running order, illustrating the challenges and scheduling it all on social media.

Whilst there is no massive rush to get your challenge to me immediately the sooner I can have it the better as it is another day I can illustrate and schedule.  Also it gives me a bit more time to change other challenges if they’re too similar to yours.

So if possible, it would be ideal to have your challenges by 14th January.  Of course earlier is even better.



What kind of thing should my challenge be?
The overall aim of #WTFEB is to gently re-weirden the world in order to create more wonder.  The challenges are set to lure people out of their creative comfort zone into a space where it is OK to experiment and impossible to get it wrong.

Challenges can be anything you like but ideally….

  • Something that is unusual, strange, surreal, odd, weird different to the norm.  #WTFEB differentiates itself from other online challenges by being quite provocatively different and counter-cultural.   Where other challenges might say “Draw a badger” #WTFEB would say “Become a badger for the day.”
  • Something that will lure people out of their creative comfort zone but also something they cannot get wrong.  Challenges are provocations without standards.  An invitation to do something without it having to be anything in particular.  In the past we have had challenges that are ART, DANCE, MOVEMENT, FASHION, FANCY DRESS, SOCIAL EXPERIMENTS, PHILOSOPHICAL EXPERIMENTS and lots of other WEIRD STUFF.
  • Something that is of interest to YOU or something that you enjoy doing or is part of your creative practice.  Feel free to also treat the challenge as an experiment you have always wanted to do.  For example, in 2021 dyslexic dance company Move Beyond Words challenged people to express/explore a word beyond the means of writing. I invited you to be a challenger because I love who you are, what you do and how you go about doing it – if you challenge embodies this then it will be perfect.
  • Something that is inclusive that does not exclude people on the basis of their physical/mental ability or their financial means. (e.g. A challenge to run a 3 minute mile in a diamond encrusted track suit wouldn’t really fit)
  • Something that has a positive intent to enliven human beings.  Challenges shouldn’t harm people, animals, the environment nor be overtly political, religious/anti-religious or inflammatory in any way or biased against anybody or any group of people.  Part of the power of #WTFEB is that partipicants come together from all walks of life.

If you would like some inspiration then you can see all the challenges from 2020 and 2021 HERE.

One thing I have learnt over the last two years is that people are up for weird creative stuff more than I had imagined so be BOLD and BRAVE and BONKERS.

Can my challenge require people to have props?
Yes, definitely.  There have been some great challenges involving props in the past.  Ideally the props should be something easily sourced to make it easier for people to participate.

Can my challenge involve going out/staying in?
Yes.  It is good to have a mix of challenges that involve people doing things in public as well as at home.  In 2020 there was a challenge to “dance in public” which was well received/terrified people.   In 2021 I had to make the challenges more home-based and social-distancing/lockdown friendly but in 2022 I think we can be less restrictive. (Although still considerate of Covid and not putting out challenges that will wildly spread infection – e.g. kiss as many strangers as possible!)

How much detail do you need from me for my challenge?
I simply need your idea.  Or a few different ideas if you have them.  This can be as simple as “My challenge is to get people to do x” or it could be a long detailed explanation.

Once I have your challenge I will write the final copy so it is in the #WTFEB format and looks like the other challenges.  I will send this final copy to you for your approval.

What about images?

I will create the main Instagram image for your challenge.  I do this so that it doesn’t mess my Instagram grid up too much and, for those not interested in WTFEB, simply looks like my artwork.  If you have an additional image that’s important for your challenge then I can add this as an extra in the carousel.


I have more than one idea?  What should I do?
If you have more than one idea then send them all to me.  This can be helpful as I can pick one of your ideas that is totally different from the other 27 challenges.

How does it work on the day?
I post a different challenge each day in February on my Instagram grid.  When it is your day I will mention you as the guest challenger and tag you in the post (this will hopefully get you some nice new followers too)  Throughout the day I share people’s contributions on my stories and, if you would like me to, I can tag you in these too. (Although please be aware that some challenges have had over 400 submissions so you will get a lot of notifications).


What day will my challenge be on?
I don’t know yet.  Guest challenges happen every 4-5 days in between the other challenges I have set.  The order is dependent on the nature of the challenge as I curate it so that each day is as different to the last as possible.

Who takes part?
#WTFEB 2021 posts got over 1 million impressions and people took part in the UK, Europe, USA, Asia and Australasia.   Whilst I get to see a large number of submissions many other people take part but don’t post (I know this because at the end many people messaged me to say this).  I also know that many people watch excitedly from the sidelines and are inspired by others taking part but aren’t quite confident to do so themselves.  Many of these people seem to then join in the following year.   So assume that your challenge is going to be seen by lots of people around the world but with a bias towards the UK.

Hopefully that gives you all you need to help come up with your challenge.   You can send me your idea/ideas either via Instagram DM or via e-mail [email protected]