Thank you for helping with the proof reading of the WTFEB book.   Here is everything that you need.

The main help I need is for you to read it and look out for two things

1. Mistakes.  Spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, layout mistakes, any kinda mistake
2. Anything that doesn’t make sense.  Like if you don’t understand a challenge instruction or something.

There are links to two google docs below.  

THE BOOK: This is the draft version.  Ignore the weird page numbers, they’re just inserted to help you know what page you are commenting on.  Also this is a compressed version to make it easier to download so ignore the poor resolution.

 COMMENTS DOCUMENT: This is where you add your comments.  Please note this is a shared document so you will see other people’s comments and they can see yours.  Just add your comments/notes next to the relevant page number.

IMPORTANT:  PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHO YOU ARE IN YOUR COMMENTS SO I KNOW TO CREDIT YOU IN THE THANK YOU PART.  (you can do this by logging into google or just add a comment with your name or DM me)

I’d like to get a final draft ready for a test print by FRIDAY 24th MARCH so if you can please comment before then it would be really helpful.  Oh, and please don’t share these documents with anyone else.  It is all secret between us for now.

Thank you once again for your offer of help.  It is very, very much appreciated.