img_1130Exploring identity, creativity and spontaneity through
masks“The mask lets so many of my normal defences down that my instincts just pour in”

IMG_8516Masks are the ultimate permission giving tools.  They allow us to tap into and unlock different parts of ourselves.  They can help us to find different ways of moving, different ways of thinking and different ways of speaking.  They can kick start our imagination, our creativity and get us back in touch with our natural spontaneity.  They allow us to develop characters that are exaggerations or polar opposites of how we experience ourselves on a daily basis.  They allow us to explore different parts of our personalities in order to get to know ourselves better and understand some of our foibles, projections and fixed self-images that keep us stuck.  Best of all masks are a powerful, exciting and highly entertaining method of personal development.

IMG_9233_1This one-day workshop uses masks as a way of exploring different parts of our personality in order to meet and work with a variety of new characters in a variety of different situations including a mask based soap opera and improvised mask Ted talks!


Friday 12th July 2024
Umbrella Rooms
London WC2H 8EH
£130 + VAT


Previous Participant comments

“Simply the best workshop ever.”
“Possibly the most liberating experience you might ever have.”
“I’ll never forget the bits of me I met for the first time at the mask workshop.”
“Very weird.  In a very, very good way.”
“I keep a photo of my mask in my wallet to remind me of who I can be.”
“An incredible day.”
“A truly magical experience”
“It is like going home with a bunch of new friends inside yourself!”

Steve Chapman has developed a particular method of using masks for personal development, combining ideas from gestalt psychology with exercises from improvised theatre and classic mask techniques. Steve has trained in mask work with the likes of Keith Johnstone (Loose Moose), Steve Jarrand (Trance Masks), Emily Gray (Trestle Theatre) and Russell Dean (Strangeface Theatre).   Steve has worked with masks for over 10 years now as a way of helping people liberate and amplify parts of their personality that have previously been suppressed or stifled.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  As this is a high-touch workshop of only 10 people, refunds cannot be made after 14 days before the event date unless it is possible to fill your place.  Any request for refunds before 14 days will be considered on a case by case basis and refunded/rolled-over as much as possible.

Unfortunately the usual ground floor room I use for mask workshops wasn’t available for this date and the room is up several flights of stairs so is not wheelchair accessible and there is no lift. I hope to return to our ground floor room for future workshops.

COVID-19 (etc)
This workshop involves the wearing of multiple plastic masks throughout the day.   All of the masks are cleaned with disinfectant wipes before the workshop and users are asked to clean the inside of the masks with wipes after each use.  This has always been the practice at this workshop and isn’t a specific Covid 19 measure.   As an additional measure hand sanitiser will be made available.
  We expect participants to take responsible for their own health and wellbeing and to be considerate of others.